To keep thing short, I straight into Monit installation assuming you have installed CentOS7.

Configure EPEL repo to download the latest version of Monit

rpm -ivh

Install the Monit using the YUM command.

yum -y install monit

Start monit by using the following command.


Check the monit status.

monit status

/etc/monitrc is the main configuration file of Monit.

vi /etc/monitrc

By default, monit is set to check the services at an interval of 1 min. This setting can be altered by changing the below line.

set daemon 60

Alerts can be configured by.

set mailserver port 25

Alert templates can be found in the configuration file itself. Logs setting can be changed by using the following file.

set logfile syslog

Restart monit

systemctl restart monit

Auto-start Monit on start-up.

systemctl enable monit