Creating a Terminal Script to Purge the Memory

If you don’t want any of the bells and whistle’s that come with Memory Clean, you can create your own application that cleans the memory with only a few lines of (easy) code.

Start by opening Terminal.

  1. Enter the following line:
    cd Desktop/

    and press enter. This points the Terminal to your desktop rather than your user folder. You can point Terminal to any folder you want for this tutorial.

  2. Enter:
    touch Purge

    and press enter. This creates a new file called “Purge” on your desktop, you won’t see it just yet though.

  3. Enter:
    pico Purge

    and press enter. This opens up the Terminal editor for the purge file.

  4. Enter the following text in the editor:

    The #!/bin/sh command tells your computer that this is a terminal script, and the purge command tells the computer to purge or clean the memory.

  5. Press Control + O and then Enter to save the file to your desktop. Then press Control + X to exit the editor. Make sure to use the Control key, not the command key.
  6. Once you’re back at the normal Terminal screen, enter:
    chmod 755 Purge

    and press enter. This makes the file we just created accessible to you. By default, OS X hides the files you create using touch.

  7. You now will have a file on your desktop called “Purge.” You can open this file to automatically clean your computers memory. Once the Terminal shows a [Process complete] message you can close the application and continue on.

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